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Protection through Detection

The Crop Watch Africa Difference

CROP WATCH AFRICA is a specialized Service Provider which focuses on supporting government and stakeholders across Africa in safeguarding their resources, by ensuring the early detection of invasive pests and diseases before they cause significant damage.

Efficient and timeous monitoring of pests and diseases is the first line of defense against damage. Our Detection efforts increase the likelihood that new harmful pest and diseases will be noticed successfully while occurrences are still localized, and infected sites are not beyond that which can be contained, and the pests eradicated.

In addition, the costs associated with eradication and control efforts are typically far more than those of long-term surveillance.

CROP WATCH AFRICA specializes in Early Detection, Delimiting, Area-wide surveillance and on-farm monitoring programs for invasive and native pests or diseases. We have developed systems to assist in the timely and accurate way scouting and reporting takes place thus providing real-time monitoring of pest populations and or disease outbreaks. Remote sensing is added as a valuable tool in evaluation, monitoring and management of land, water and crop resources on farm, national and regional level.

Custom Solutions Across All Sectors


Cloud based mapping portal and mobile applications for timeous collection of farm data, leading to improved decision making for better returns on investments and improved livelihoods for farmers in Africa.

  • Dedicated Support

  • On Farm Training

  • Farmer Friendly

  • Affordable Options


Provides Consultants, Grower Associations, Contract Farming Groups and Farm Co-operatives with the ability to collect various farm data from various areas for trend analysis over multiple seasons

  • White label Options

  • Complete control

  • Training options

  • Cost Effective


A systematic approach in gathering and measuring information from a variety of farming operations in order to give industries a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest.

  • White label Options

  • Fully Customizable

  • Scale to needs

  • Affordable options


Support Governments goal across Africa in safeguarding resources by ensuring new introductions of harmful organisms are detected as soon as possible which leads to more trade opportunities.

  • Country specific

  • Secure Data

  • Fully Customizable

  • Country Training

  • Low cost


Measurement of information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses and evaluate outcomes.

  • Pest Trap trials

  • Pheromone trials

  • Biocontrol evaluation

  • Product trials

  • Regionally

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