Protection through Detection

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 Crops Module




Precision Agriculture Imagery & Maps

  • Using the Online Portal, collect all farming maps/imagery/data

  • Layer the imagery on top of each other for easy problem detection – or use the comparison slider.

  • Satellite Imagery every 5 days

  • Different types of imagery eg NDVI, NIR, NDWI, EVI etc

  • 2 Years of History Imagery loaded by default (NDVI)

  • Farm and Field Boundaries

  • Productivity Maps

  • Nutrient Application Maps

  • Soil Sampling Maps

  • Yield  Maps

  • Crop Classification Maps

  • Topographic Maps

  • Drone Imagery

  • Other types of maps can be imported


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Mobile Application – Scouting, Sampling, Field Notes

  • Data gathering forms setup according to farmer requirements

  • Forms to be used in the field for gather pest, disease, sampling, field observations, field tasks etc.

  • Data gathered in field capture the geo-location of the users, date-time stamp, user detail by default

  • Start GPS tracking and view the tracks/ paths online

  • Use the Map functionality to guide you to pre-defined points to be visited.  No chance to get lost.

  • Use the Imagery like an NDVI or Productivity Map in the field, navigate to the problem areas – online or offline

  • View the Pest and Disease library for easy identification

  • Create Tasks for employees while you are in the field, attache an image of the problem, schedule a task indicating when task should be completed.

  • Get notifications to your device regarding task progress/updates.

  • Edit your scouting / mobile app data in the Portal.

  • View your data captured in the field on the Online Portal, see location and details on a map, view Heat-maps indicating outbreaks of pests/disease.

  • View your data on Reports which can be exported PDF/Excel/CVS




Require anything else? Please contact us.